Chinese Medicine supports attaining youth and beauty from the inside out. A basic tenet of the medicine is that your outside reflects the status of your health on the inside. It is all about balance and the free flow of Qi through all the channels that can help keep your face and skin vibrant and glowing. The best way to attain both the inside and outside health and beauty if done through Acupuncture.

acupuncture facelift Glendale

acupuncture facelift tarzana

Facelift and Microdermabrasion Results

  • Reduction of fine lines
  • Leveling of deeper lines
  • Improved elasticity of facial muscles and collagen formation
  • Improved acne and rosascea
  • Cheeks get smoother
  • Overall skin tone becomes more consistent
  • Age spots fade away
  • Wrinkles on the decollete disappear
  • Jowl minimize

Health Benefits

  • Hot flashes go away
  • Mild depression gets resolved
  • Mild anxiety goes away
  • Digestion is improved
  • More energy
  • Better sleep


What is the Process?

Your overall health will be evaluated by a computerized digital analysis to see the functioning rate of your body. According to the results and your expectations out of the treatments scheduling is done. Then the choice will be between a face lift or a neck lift.The treatments will be twice a week for 6 weeks with a once a month follow-up. Total time needed is 12 hours which need dedication in turn you will have a younger, more vibrant looking appearance.

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